The story of Arte Corazón

The story of Arte Corazón
Arte Corazón was born without an established plan. Actually, it all started with a passion of mine for anything that involved altering and creating! At the beginning, it was my husband who motivated me the most to pursue my idea. I still remember the exact day when I talked with a talented craftsman who was creating woven sandals. Every single detail about the process was magical to me!

A few minutes later, my imagination “quickly kicked into gear”, and it occurred to me that I could "transform" the sandals into unique pieces, each one with a different style, to give to my friends. And that, precisely, was the beginning of this beautiful journey!

Nowadays, Arte Corazón is dedicated to creating and sourcing unique and unforgettable pieces from around the globe! Our collection is more than "a store", it is an inspiration from trips around the world, a nice little memory of each culture and its land, a tasting of its colors and smells.

Here, you will find more than "a product". Our collection conveys the magic and mystery of the wonderful places from which they originate and are a constant source of inspiration.

When wearing our garments and accessories, I trust you will also feel the passion and pride with which they were made! Hence, the name Arte Corazón, because each piece is created with great pride and love. We strive to tend and care for even the smallest detail, with the greatest passion.

Thank you for visiting our site and being a part of our colorful journey. It is a true gift to us!
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